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文章刊載日期: 2011-09-16 刊載者: 社團法人台灣建築美學文化經濟協會


2011年度普利茲克獎頒給了葡萄牙藉建築師艾德瓦爾多.蘇托德.莫拉(Eduardo Souto de Moura)。葡萄牙藉建築師艾德瓦爾多.蘇托德.莫拉(Eduardo Souto de Moura)崇尚自然和人造要素共存,認定這是造就好建築的理念迷戀「少就是多」極簡原則的他,其著名之作就是2004年設計的歐洲足球錦標賽賽場布拉加體育館,採用爆破挖掘場地旁邊的山體使場館與山體合而為一。事實上吸引我的不僅是他的風格,還有葡萄牙這個國家對於建築師創作的支持與尊重。

  安藤忠雄(Tadao Ando)說:建築正面臨「責任的時代」。當建築師在設計和建造時,應該考慮從土地上取走什麼?或應該為環境做些什麼?他又說:「不是將建築放入場域中,而是與周圍和諧,與自然緊密地聯繫。」就是如此這般的想法,引導日本建築不再是一個單一、無生命的物體,那麼突兀地在環境中生存著,而是與路旁的花草,與你我一起呼吸著一樣的空氣,在一樣的太陽下晒著,是一個將個人與社會互相聯繫的地方。


Eduardo Souto de Moura, Portuguese architect, is granted with the 2011 Pritzker Architectural Prize. Souto de Moura believes that the great architecture is comprised of natural and man-mad elements, and he also adheres to a minimalist motto, “less is more” which is well demonstrated in his design of Estádio Municipal de Braga for the 2004 UEFA. The stadium was carved from a nearby mountain, and such a design has the stadium combined with the nature. What attracts me is not only the style, but also the support and respect with which Portugal show to its architects.

  As true as Tadao Ando has pointed out that architecture has its social responsibility. Architects should pause to think what they can remove from the ground, or what they can do for the environment. He also has suggested that architects should not just simply have architecture in a space. Instead, they have to think about making harmony, a close connection with the environment. Bear this in his mind, Tadao Ando leads the Japanese architecture, which was solitary, inorganic, detached from its environment, to where flowers, people and architecture coexist, breathe the same air, bath in the same sun, to where human beings are no longer separated from their society.

For the past six years, FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Award has been granted to many excellent architects and projects, who on behalf of Taiwan also won the FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Award. I, as the C.E.O., am truly glad to see such a fruitful scene, while I wish that, by wining these awards, all the Taiwanese to see our architecture is as good as that of foreign countries, and also hope our appreciation of architecture to be elevated soon. With my whole heart, I hope everyone to support building green architecture which will make our earth a sustainable future.




FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Award Executive Committee


C.E.O, Lynn Huang


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